Ashas' 1ml Prefilled CBD Tank, Refillable
Ashas' 1ml Prefilled CBD Tank, Refillable

Pre-filled 1ml Tank, 300mg Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

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CBD Oil Tanks; Organic Broad-Sprectrum Medical Hemp | 0 THC | Pre-filled | Refillable.

Asha's CBD Oil starts with organic USA grown, highly concentrated CBD Hemp plants. Asha's broad-spectrum CBD Oil is created using the entire above ground plant including the beautiful buds, leaves and stems resulting in a "complete plant profile" CBD oil with naturally occurring powerful cannabinoids and terpenes. Available in .5ml or 1.0ml sizes, pre-loaded with Ashas' great tasting CBD Medicinal Hemp Oil. Both size tanks can be refilled between 5 and 8 times and we offer a 3.0ml (900mg) refill bottle saving you significantly compared to buying a tank each time.

ASHAS' Phytocannabinoid Rich CBD Oil Profile:
Cannabidiol (CBD) Cannabinol (CBN) Cannabigerol (CBG) Cannabichromene(CBC) Cannabidivarin (CBDv) Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA)Naturally Present Terpenes

Our extraction & purification process uses a proprietary, patented technology which preserves ALL the phytocannabinoids, terpenes and plant lipids while removing the parts you don't want; THC, waxes and chlorophyll. Absolutely no detectable levels of THC, Zero! With the waxes and chlorophyll removed the natural terpene flavors really come through and that's all are what you taste. And, it does taste great!

Organic MCT Oil from coconuts is used to thin our CBD oil and it's thinned just enough to be vapeable. Because our oil is naturally strong trying to get a higher concentration of CBD per tank would only result in the crystallization of the CBD Oil. By combining our organic CBD oil with organic MCT oil you get an extremely light draw. You really don't even feel it as you take a puff yet the tank is delivering approximately 1mg of delicious high potency CBD per puff!

Dosage: 1-3 puffs as needed
Time Frame for Effect: 1-3 minutes
Duration: Approximately 2 hours
Batch Testing:Chromatography and 3rd party testing are used on each batch to ensure a clean, verifiable product.
Non-GMO/GMP Compliant
Legal in most States. Must be 21 to purchase. Check the laws in your city and county before ordering.

Ashas' prefilled 1ml tank is loaded with 300mg of CBD from our organic Phytocannabinoid Rich (PCR) Broad-Sprectrum Medical Grade Hemp Plants. The CBD Oil is thinned with just enough healthy organic MCT coconut oil so that it can be vaped. Everyone vapes different, some pull longer and harder than others. So, depending on how you drag, this tank it should provide you with approximately 250-350 puffs. Using the average of 300 puffs this tank delivers approximately 1mg of PCR CBD per puff! Your tank has an adjustable air flow and is refillable 3-5 times with Ashas' 3ml Dram. Refilling is fast and easy in 3 quick steps! First unscrew the top. Second load the glass tank to the fill line. Third screw the top back on. That's it! The 3ml Dram is pre-loaded with the same organic PCR CBD Oil and organic MCT oil as the prefilled tank. You get 900mls per 3ml bottle and it includes a dropper for loading your tank.

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