Not All CBD is Created Equal

Discover Why We Say "Not All CBD is Created Equal

If you are going to use CBD for its medicinal properties then it's good to understand a few things.

You MUST use CBD from medicinal grade hemp if you want to really gain the benefits CBD provides to the human body. Ashas' CBD Oil is loaded with cannabinoids and is super rich in phytocannabinoids such as; Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabichromene(CBC), Cannabidivarin (CBDv), Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA) and naturally present terpenes.

Another thing to know is that Industrial Hemp has ZERO medicinal value, none. Unfortunately, that's what is used in way too many products, especially here in the USA. Those type of products use a cheap isolate powder mostly from Canada or Europe. We suggest you don't waste your money!

Require 3rd party batch testing of your products. Every batch we use here at Asha's Elixirs are 3rd party verified as well as Chromatography testing.

Don't get fooled by the catch phrase "Full-Spectrum". Full spectrum means the entire above ground plant is used. Industrial Hemp can be full-spectrum so don't be fooled, it's still Industrial Hemp.

Asha's Elixirs plants are organically grown in Colorado meeting non-gmo practices. Years ago these plants started out as powerful Medical Cannabis plants. After years of selective breeding we have a high CBD content plant while THC has been reduced low enough to be certified as Hemp. But this isn't just any ordinary Industrial Hemp!

Our proprietary refining process removes all remaining THC plus chlorophyll! This unique refining process is proprietary. You won't find it from any other processor With chlorophyll removed our CBD products taste great! With chlorophyll, CBD kind of taste like a mouthful of hay!