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Nano CBD Vs. Regular CBD

Particle size is a vital factor that sets nano CBD apart from regular CBD. As mentioned earlier, nano CBD has a smaller particle size due to the process of nano-encapsulation. This smaller size may allow the CBD molecules to be absorbed more easily by the body, increasing its effectiveness.

Solubility also plays a role in distinguishing nano CBD from regular CBD. While regular CBD oil isn’t water-soluble, nano CBD is. This makes nano CBD easier to mix with water-based products and beverages, broadening its range of applications and making it more convenient.

The onset of effects is perhaps the most important aspect in which nano CBD may have an advantage over regular CBD. Due to its bioavailability, nano CBD can provide faster relief from symptoms than regular CBD oil. For users seeking quick relief, this can be a significant benefit. Lastly, the potency of nano CBD may be higher than that of regular CBD. The increased potency means that you require lower doses to achieve the same effects.

Is Nano CBD stronger?

CBD molecules have a standard strength or effect on the body, so what determines the potency of a supplement is the way it delivers its CBD. The large CBD oil droplets used in regular supplements offer low bioavailability and therefore low potency. In comparison, Water Soluble Nano CBD uses nanoemulsion technology to create ultra-small “nano” CBD droplets in a water-soluble carrier. That equates to high bioavailability and therefore high potency and efficacy. So, if you take 10mg of regular CBD supplement and 10mg of Nano CBD, the Nano CBD will work far more effectively, by delivering more usable CBD to your body.

How long does it take for Nano CBD to take effect?

It's important to remember, that everyone’s body is different and the speed at which our Water Soluble Nano CBD is absorbed will vary from person to person, and that Water Soluble Nano CBD is absorbed and utilized by the body far more quickly than regular CBD supplements.

Water Soluble Nano CBD Facts:

  • Nanoparticles are particles defined as less than 100 nanometers in diameter or 0.1 micron.
  • Our Full Spectrum Water Soluble Nano Tinctures provide the full entourage effect of cannabinoid and terpene profiles for effective, fast-acting relief.
  • Water Soluble Nano Emulsion CBD improves CBD's bioavailability by 65%.
  • Nano molecules are more easily absorbed into the bloodstream, which may speed up the onset time.
  • Nano CBD is around 10 to 100 nanometers in size, one nanometer is one-billionth (1’000’000’000) of a meter, an average human hair is 80’000 nanometers.

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