Ashas' Elixirs CBD

Posted by Sam Warren on 1/7/2019 to News
Ashas' Elixirs CBD

Suffering from Pain?

Are you one of the millions that suffers from pain? I deal with a lot of pain every day from past injuries, maybe you do too. Or, maybe you suffer from arthritis like me or rheumatoid arthritis like loved ones I know? Do you get muscle cramps or tightness when you excerpt yourself? And what about when your young mind tells your old body to do more than it should?

So, I have a very serious question for you. Where do you go for pain relief?
If you answered you take the pills the doctor prescribes then please read on. I want you to know that there are natural alternatives that have been highly effective from millions of people!

Essential Oils & CBD Pain Cream

For many years I studied essential oils. I mixed many different combinations of essential oils and developed a network of fellow pain sufferers who were happy to be test subjects. The early attempts were just to help my wife with her Rheumatoid Arthritis and myself with my many pains. (Full story here: How Max Pain Came to Be. The good news spread, and I was happy to share with anyone that wanted to try some. As my network of fellow pain sufferers grew and the positive feedback built, I began to think it could help the masses.

Then everything changed...for the better! The 2014 Farm Bill passed and made hemp legal on the Federal level, meaning in all 50 States! As-long-as the THC level is <.003 it is a legal product. Now, I know Industrial Hemp is not good for CBD, it's a just a by-product and is mostly in weak isolate powder form. Too bad other CBD manufacturers don't!

But I thought, what if you took a Medical Marijuana Plant that is already a high CBD strain and bred it for high CBD content and low THC content? You'd end up with a very potent medicinal plant! It would take years of selective breeding, but it could be done! Well I started researching and got lucky! I found an awesome grower that had thought of the same thing, only 15 years earlier! I couldn't place a sample order fast enough!

Adding the Ultimate Essential Oil to Max Pain Cream

Over the years as I studied essential oils invariably, I would come across cannabis. I'd get so excited about the medicinal benefits and oh how I would wish I could get my hands on some here in Florida!

I've got to say that before adding CBD to my cream it was really good! It was working! But when I added CBD to the formula at a rate of 200mg per ounce it was nothing short of astounding! I don't think you'll find anything that you can read for yourself how it has helped them!

Small, Veteran Run Business

So, I began a new chapter in my life. After seeing how potent and effective this formula was, I knew I had to get this product out there to help the millions of people in pain! Shortly thereafter Ashas' Elixirs was created and Max Pain Cream was born. Now my daily mission is to help as many people as I can reach to be able to go get through their day, or night, without pain and in a natural way. My desire is for you to be able to be yourself, not someone whose day is dictated by their pain level or their prescription dose!

I ask you to do yourself or your loved one a favor, give a jar of Max Pain Cream a try! We've yet to have an unhappy customer and we all deserve to be pain free!

All the best my friends,
Sam Warren

CBD Pain Cream

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