Asha's Agape Neuro Blood Flow Spray, 20ml
Agape Neuro Blood Flow Spray, 20ml

Asha's Agape Neuro Blood Flow Spray, 20ml

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Agape Neuro Blood Flow

a·gape - Wide Open

Agape is a topical spray that consist of a mixture of 25 essential oils. Using Asha's essential oil knowledge from around the world, each oil was carefully chosen for its unique properties and ability to work synergistically with other essential oils. These essential oils are then mixed with quick absorbing grape seed oil.

Agape is highly effective at opening up capillaries and flushing them out while at the same time relaxing arteries and veins providing better blood flow which can then deliver nutrients and increased oxygen to the applied area.

Agapes' essential oils are also loaded with powerful antioxidants which capture any free radicals and flush them from the area. Other essential oils provide anti-inflammatory properties reducing swelling and fluid build up. Some of the essential oils in Agape act as nervines which are used to calm stressed nerves in the inflamed area while other essential oils work to calm tired, stressed or cramping muscles.

Grapeseed Oil is used as the carrier oil in this spray to gain the many benefits of its unique properties. Grape seed is quickly absorbed by the skin, contains super anti-oxidants known as flavinoids, it's high in vitamins C & E and has a high omega-6 fatty acid content which improves skin texture.

Apply topically as needed. Do Not Ingest! Human Use Only!

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